Avail Single Asbestos Glovebags


single asbestos glovebags

Traditional asbestos glovebag for repair, maintenance activities and "wrap-and-cut" removal projects. Features include: quick attach collars, fiberguard glovesleeves and arm openings.


single asbestos glovebag


  • Basic glovebag for small projects
  • Fits pipe diameters up to 8"


  • Fits pipe diameters up to 10"
  • 10" more horizontal work area than 4460


  • Fits pipe diameters up to 14"


  • Fits pipe diameters up to 18"
  • 2 sets of glovesleeves


  • 22" x 60" with 18" deep pre-cut opening at the top
  • Fits pipe diameters up to 6"
  • Horizontal work area of approximately 12"
  • Glovesleeves set at opposing positions


  • Super-size model
  • Fits pipes up to 30"



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